August 4


So, I’ve done a lot of stuff so far this summer. I had my first job, I went to a circus performance for the first time, and my dog Sparkles died.

My fried Shadow went to a military camp, or school, I held a Ball Python and a Corn Snake, and I went on a Safari type thing…

My family reunion was fun, my cousins Evie and Tori are adorable, I Jam Reffed for the first time, and I also was a Penalty Box Timer.

I played in my first two Comicpalooza bouts (I was on teams Slytherin, and The First Order), I’m trying to learn sign and Tarot.

I have a new Bobcat kitten named Bishop, my older brother stayed at my house almost all summer, I wrote a bit, and did stuff.

Yeah this isn’t that exciting, but I plan on blogging a lot during the school year.

Farewell for Now.